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Hi. I'm Rich,
a software engineer.

I've been developing software and enhancing operations across enterprises for over 14 years. I design systems that align end-user needs with long-term solutions to real-world problems. I have a successful track record of creating exceptional web-based software.

Ok, ok ... humbly stepping down from my elevator-pitch soapbox... I'm just a developer who really enjoys learning and loves creating solutions that address interesting and complex challenges.

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Recent Projects

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RSL-AZ Soccer App

Check it out in the app stores! It allows users to stay up to date with all things going on with the club. Facebook and email authentication, Google Maps integration, and Firebase Cloud Messaging.

  • Ionic 4
  • Angular 8
  • Firebase
  • Google API
  • Android
  • iOS
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GSD Todo App

In the Google Play store. A simple Todo app. I know, I know... a panda dies everytime a todo app is created :-( but this project helps me work with Ionic components as well as test out JavaScript patterns and frameworks.

  • Ionic 4
  • Angular 7
  • Android
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Playing around with Scully, the new Angular static site generator, to build my portfolio site. Built from the ground up. A real test for me to better understand CSS, layouts, and styling

  • Angular 9
  • Scully
  • Netlify
  • JAMStack
  • CI/CD